Project Description

It is a progressively permanent hair removal and this is the only hair removal treatment that gives this type of results.

It is a noninvasive method, which can be used for all types of skin colors according to the types of lasers.

The hair removal treatment is possible both in women as well as in men.

The cross examination and detailed clinical tests are essential.

White, russet hair does not allow hair removal.

The use of photosensitive drugs, tanned skin does not allow the use of an Alexendrite laser or a flash lamp, using a Nd-Yag is recommended.

Hyperandrogenism (delayed acne, hirsutism and hyperseborrhea) must be diagnosed and treated previously.

The use of oral isotretinoin should delay the depilatory treatment (prevention).

Preventive treatment of facial herpes is proposed.

The hormonal impregnation of pregnancy restricts the effectiveness of hair removal.

The end of puberty is recommended before the 1st treatment.

Frequently requested areas: underarms, bikini line, legs, back, others are regularly sought, knowing that the efficiency of the treatment is less on the face, thighs and upper lip, more medical indications as hirsutisme, hypertrichose, essential hyperhairiness, pili incarnati, post depilatory folliculites (in waxing or in shaving) as well as the pseudo-folliculites of the beard are good indications.

It is necessary to take into account the cycle of the hair between each session, every hair is not at the stage of maturation, the session is effective only on the visible part of the hair. Several sessions are usually required to reduce hair growth, depending upon the re-growth and the initial hair.

After setting the parameters, certain areas (bikini line, upper lip) may require the use of EMLA ® type of anesthetic cream.

The areas to be treated will be shaved 24-48 hours before the session, letting a minimum of hair to protrude (do not pull the hair by tweezers, wax or other epilator).

5-7 sessions are needed on each area to be epilated, each with a gap of 4 to 6 weeks. The number of sessions on brown skin may be more.

A sensation of heat accompanied by a discreet swelling around the transitional hair appears immediately after the session.

Stop any sun exposure 3 weeks before the laser session, avoid further exposure to the sun, protect it with a sunscreen, stop tanning activators, photosensitizing medications 2 weeks before a hair removal session.

Temporary hypo-or hyper pigmentation may appear if the advice of non sun exposure is not respected.
No social restraint required.