Project Description

capillary mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an interesting, effective and none traumatic technique for certain hair loss.

It can be applied in women as well as in men in postpartum but not during pregnancy.

A detailed cross-examination as well as a medical and biological examination will at best allow to choose the best indications.

The goal of treatment is to improve the quality of the hair growth and to involve a complementary treatment if necessary.

4 sessions with a gap of 15 days are proposed followed by 2 to 4 sessions with a gap of one month; maintenance treatment session every 2-3 months may be required.

The injections are performed with an automatic pistol.

Androgenic alopecia treatment

Most common cause of alopecia. The involvement of androgens has been known for many years, but other factors (cosmetics, curling products, relaxers, dyes, tobacco, drugs, stress and other pollutants) are also responsible for aging hair.

The proposed treatment is particularly interesting for stopping hair loss and regrowth. It combines a revitalization with mesotherapy and a photo-biostimulation by LEDs.

Mesotherapy uses a solution combining amino acids (eg glutathione), polyvitamines (especially vitamins of group B, C, A, E) and hyaluronic acid.

The injections are done either manually or with the help of an injector gun which makes superficial micropunctures practically painless.

Alopecia treatment with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

The protocol proposes 4 sessions at 15j intervals for 2 months then a monthly session for 3 months. No anesthesia or pre-test is required.

The usual contraindications are infectious and inflammatory lesions.

The LED treatment is performed either before or after the mesotherapy (the red light to stop the fall of the hair and the yellow light for the regrowth.

There is no social foreclosure. The cessation of the fall usually occurs after one month and the repousse appears from the second month.

It is a treatment widely used in the prevention and treatment of alopecia including androgenic

Alopecia treatment with biomimetiques peptides

New innovative and effective injectables hair filler in the treatment of hair regrowth and anti hair loss for alopecia patients globally

Hair growth stimulation, inhibition of alopecia, anti-oxydant(UV damages, stress or other environment factors). Hair filler help to produce healthy hair follicle by providing nutrition to hair root cells through stimulation of angiogenesis.

Application are non scaring alopecia, fine hair, after hair transplant(to increase survival rate), synergic effect combining anti hair loss and hair regrowth.

Protocol is very simple: 1 session every 2 weeks for 8 weeks(4 sessions) Efficacy shown within 8 weeks. A maintenance treatment will be proposed 1 session every month for 3 to 6 months.

Patented and exclusive peptide complex for new and healthy hair. Applicable and effective to any of non scaring alopecia.