Morphological medicine and Anti-aging medicine is a field of medical science which is adapted to each individual case in order to prevent the process of aging in our body.

It consists encouraging the patient to enhance its vitality, physical image, preserve their health and maximize its resources at best. The study on populations with high life expectancy typifies Okinawa that tells us about the necessity of proposing the rules of healthy lifestyle.

The various kinds of beauty as well as the harmony of our body have to be treated in parallel at the internal as well as at the external level. This concept takes into account a range of tissues of which we must restore a harmonious balance. We can reduce the beauty care by having a simple local gesture.

The re-establishment of a desired body image rests on the treatments which are secured, validated and reproducible: a case by case method with a subtle proportion of different specific techniques whose effectiveness is recognized.

Our goal is to make you regain a more youthful appearance without surgery, with a fair balance between beauty and reality.

  • Born on the 19th of May 1956
  • Medical License #92.1.10109 (Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins)
  • Inter-University Diploma of Medicine Morphology and Anti-Aging (PARISXIII)
  • European Inter-University Diploma in Medical Lasers
  • Active member of the French Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging (AFME)
  • University Diploma in Nutrition


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